Just released a new single

"A Little Bit Bad"

Dare you to listen to it three times in a row... It will totally get stuck in your brain!!!

Callie Angel and Wade Waters have performed together as a country-pop duo for over a decade. Their eclectic mix of country, pop, rock, bluegrass and original music cover the spectrum. 

  • Track 013:16

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Callie Angel & Wade Waters

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  • Background music for your restaurant
  • Rockin' music for your bar
  • Covers and originals for weddings, private parties and special occasions

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  • Friends Like You3:09
  • Thank You For Callin' To Say Nothin'2:47
  • She Calls3:41
  • I Never Knew3:47
  • Forget Yourself3:23
  • Be Alright3:59
  • Center Of That Day3:33

  • Those Are Drink'n Words My Freiend3:21
  • Whiskey Kisses3:39
  • Drift Away3:48
  • Two Step Swing3:34
  • That's How We Do It In the Country3:49
  • Cheat'n Man3:48
  • Walk"n Out the Back Door3:19
  • Double Kinda Trouble2:29
  • Spin and Twirl3:14
  • Angel In the Wind5:02
  • Bounty Hunters Life4:00
  • Drastic Measures3:24
  • Every Body's Parade4:45
  • 'OL Caol Burn4:21
  • Speed of Life4:44
  • Mama's Star3:19